SenseMaking Consulting Group

We are a consulting group offering a comprehensive range of consulting, auditing and training services. We work with business and public organizations.

We make sense of your future

What makes SMCG stand out as a professional consulting team:

  • our services are based on SenseMaking Practices©, our original unique methodology developed and mastered by SMCG professionals and supported by cutting-edge information technology tools;
  • we employ experienced consultants and conduct our own scientific research;
  • we develop and implement digital transformation strategies: robotisation, automation, algorithms, AI;
  • we focus on tangible results  – improved process effectiveness resulting in improved efficiency, risk reduction, quality improvement;
  • we conduct audits and diagnose organisations: we apply methods and development strategies which best meet the needs of your organization;
  • our training sessions reflect cutting-edge trends in management science, we use modern information and teaching methods, including e-learning;
  • we work with many public organizations:  we understand their unique role, status and organizational culture thanks to our long-standing cooperation with the public sector.