Our services are based on our original SenseMaking Practices© methodology, aided by modern IT tools.

We start with a diagnostic audit of your organization during which we examine various areas of organizational activity, including organizational culture, structure, processes, documentation, risks and potential innovation areas, with particular focus on areas and processes which may be deemed ineffective or non-compliant with the newest management science trends and achievements; the diagnostic audit constitutes the first step in the process which we describe as restoring sense to, or making sense of, your organization’s activity.

Following  the diagnostic audit report, we outline an organization-specific, detailed upgrading  program and begin the implementation of necessary solutions, standards, and tools; having successfully completed the process, we offer follow-up support in the form of on-going training courses and workshops, including e-learning sessions.

The final stage of the process based on our SenseMaking Practices© methodology consists in testing the effectiveness of the newly implemented standards, systems and procedures. For that purpose we develop organization-specific evaluation methods to examine each of the freshly introduced solutions and conduct an employee survey to appraise their knowledge, awareness and attitude concerning the changes. In our experience, we find that most organizational changes , however informed, rational or inspired, tend to fall through the lack of awareness, knowledge and competencies on the part of its employees.

The evaluation report contains the appraisal of the training courses and workshops and helps assess the level of employee awareness with regard to the impact of the implemented changes on the organizational culture.